Spice up your Discord game with Bradycat! This bot's got a ton of features to amp up the fun. From playful user-vs-user mini-games to beating boredom, Bradycat's got you covered!


translations have already been made!


lines of code have already been written on the bot!


users are already on our Discord world!


guilds use me

Minecraft Support

You want to get the list of names from some unknown people? Then you can with our bot thanks to! You can also get information about servers or stats from users on Hypixel.

LevelSystem with rewards

With our level system, you can reward your users for their activity by giving them a rank or just by sending a message in a weird channel.

Language System

Do you speak another language? Then you can change it between German and English. More is planned!
Maybe more soon.

Music on your Discord

Thanks to a few partners, it is possible to play their radios on our Discord.
Would you also like to listen to your radio in the bot? Then create a ticket!

They have confidence in us.