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Hey you, yes you! I'm Bradycat, a Discord bot who would love it if you invited me to join your Discord. I offer a lot of features for free so you can easily manage yo​ur Discord with a single bot.

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Minecraft Commands

You can find out information from servers and Minecraft players. But there are also extras, through NameMC we can show the likes and for users you can see the name history through


Track and reward your most active members with our text-based leveling system. You can configure access to exclusive channels and roles for your most active members, incentivizing them to chat more and helping to grow your server activity. 

Language System

 ​How are you Philipp?

Your Discord is not in English?
That's no problem! I am in a language course and learn different languages there. I can speak any language I have learned.

 ​Was läuft so bei dir, Robin?

The languages displayed are the only ones I can currently speak.

And more...

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